-Magneettikortin ostajat tulevat automaattisesti KP Gym -yhdistyksen jäseniksi. Jäsenyys ei edellytä saliajan ostamista. KP Gym -kuntosali on ainoastaan KP Gym -yhdistyksen jäsenten käytössä.

Regional state administrative agency: KP Gym has been closed between 1.-15.1.2022!

These 15days will replace to all gymcards.


Magnetcard + membership 15€

1 month or 10 daytrips  45€

3 month  95€

6 month 160€

12 month 280€

​We give discount to new members from internet coaching, trainingprograms and dietprograms. Ask more from khudayarov.powerlifting@gmail.com

We are located in Turku Oriketo



Pyöräkatu 5

20380 TURKU

* Lines 14 and 15 will take you very near the gym, they start out from the market place in city center. Also 22, 22A and 402 take you at few hundred meters from gym to station named "Polttolaitos".

There is also jogging path near the gym for warming up before training or cooling off after training.